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U-Turn. TEDxUU 2015, Uppsala University, Sweden

Gry Worre Hallberg was invited to be a speakers of TEDxUU 2015, Uppsala University, Sweden. Theme: U-Turn. Date: November 21th 2015


The Idea
U-Turn: an enigma, a complete change of plans, ideas, policies or directions. In the course of everyone’s life, there is a turning point. It could be for the better, it could be for the worse but one thing’s for sure – it is a significant moment that will have an impact on the rest of your life.

Making a “U-Turn” is about going against the grain, refusing to conform, taking the road less travelled instead of the well-beaten path, or maybe it is just simply a change of heart, a different perspective, a new take on how to live your life. By inviting a range of speakers from different disciplines and diverse backgrounds, with their own “u-turn” moments, we aim to inspire courage, provoke thoughts and spark change.

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TEDxUppsalaUniversity writes about Gry as a speaker:
If you’re into TED talks you might remember her from TEDxCopenhagen – and if you do, you know that Gry Worre Hallberg is not your every day speaker.

Gry is the co-founder of a range of organisations and movements within the field of performing arts, among those the sisters academy.

The sisters academy is a school in a world and society where the sensuous and poetic mode of being is at the center of all action and interaction. It goes beyond the regular facets of every day life and gives rise to something more: a potential new world arising from the post-economical and ecological crisis. It goes beyond economic rationality – exploring the sensuous mode of being in the world.

For many years Gry has aimed at enriching environments with an aesthetic dimension through the use of performing arts, universe design and ‘fiction pimping’. The Sisters Academy is a perfect reflection of just that.

Besides her arts practice she is an associate at Roskilde University, the artistic director and head curator of Dome of Visions and the performance curator of the Roskilde festival.

From shapeshifters to veil lifters and sound seekers, Gry Worre Hallberg’s talk about the sisters academy is not something you’d want to miss out on.

Other speakers: Oscar Erixon, Polly Higgins, Nina Cavalli-Björkman, Joakim Medin, Lina Sors Emilsson, Jill Trenholm and Ewa Stackelberg
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