Sensuous operate in the intersection of performance art, research, activism and curation.

In Sensuous we share our visions on what we term a Sensuous society. A vision, or rather a sense, that has been haunting us in our sleep for times and times... Sensuous society

TEDx Talk and Performance on Sensuous society

We did a talk and a performance art session at the TEDxCopenhagenSalon Green Natives on December 9th 2013 feat. Tantra Clap, Dome of Visions Crew, The Velvet State and Sisters Academy performers*. Performance will continue during break-out-sessions feat. Sarah Armstrong and Eriko Makimura.

“My argument is that something new is happening. Something that I term Sensuous society. To make sense of that we have to visit another argument  – The argument that one dimension of being and being together has been under prioritized since the Industrialization. And potentially amplified by our current digital age. This dimension, which has now been under prioritized for more than 2 centuries, is the aesthetic dimension. By aesthetic I do not only mean form or the way things look but I mean the way we are and behave in the world.

The aesthetic dimension has the sensuous experience at its core. The sensuous experience is one that allows us to activate all our senses. An intensified presence as educational researcher Ken Robinsons states – When our heart and mind resonate with what is happening in that very moment. When we are full of phantasy, desires, dreams and imagination that manifests as creativity. This is the sensuous experience that the aesthetic dimension allows us to have.

A society that under prioritize such an important dimension of human life cannot seize to be nor create a sustainable society either…”

– Gry Worre Hallberg, TEDx Green Natives, Sensuous society – Se full program and the other speakers here.

See talk here.

Photo: Diana Lindhart and Mikkel Elbech

Dome of Visions represented by:
Benny Jepsen
Kristoffer Tejlgaard
Flemming Wisler
Helene Bjerre Jordan

Sisters Academy represented by:
Bo Eggert Dahl
Denis Rivin
Diana Ø. Tørsløv Møller
Eriko Makimura
Leonora Wulff-Jørgensen
Marie-Louise Werner
Rasmus Knutzen Nielsen
Tusnelda Frellesvig

Music: Tantra Clap// Yaa Lioness & DJ Hvad

Visuals: Stine Skøtt Olesen

More photos here.