Sensuous operate in the intersection of performance art, research, activism and curation.

In Sensuous we share our visions on what we term a Sensuous society. A vision, or rather a sense, that has been haunting us in our sleep for times and times... Sensuous society

Out there

At this point in time this is what’s out there.


Crack My WorldAn article about our visions and work in Fiction Pimps in the anthology on street art Dansk Gadekunst. 2011

Experiencing everyday life anew – An article that represents a voice within the terminology of experience economy that seeks to unfold experiences as a potential intervention into the capital system that will ultimately bring us to the potentially new – A Sensuous society. In the anthology Handbook on Experience Economy, 2013.

Embodiment of The Mystery – An article on how a new tendency within performance that I term live and relational fictional parallel-universes celebrates the atmospheric landscapes of filmmaker David Lynch and embodies mystery. In the anthology Fan Phenomena: Twin Peaks, 2013.

Theatre-in-Business – Udfordringer og potentialer – An anthology on the intervention of arts in business co-edited by me with my fellow transitionaries in T-in-B :: Staging Transitions. 2011


Transformative Impact of Future Mind Tours in ISSUES  #2, House of Futures, April 2012

Performing the future. Experimental futures studies in ISSUES  #2, House of Futures, April 2012

The Significant Event. Establishing Universes, Creating Movements in ISSUES  #2, House of Futures, April 2012

Pirat-performance in Kult-Uro December 2011

Protected by Fiction in CCC, Goldsmiths, ISSUE 1 # Novelty, 2011

Fiktionsstrateger i Samtidskunsten in Humanist September 2011

Et baseline-scenarie: Kunst og Bevidsthed 1812-2112 Pre-analysis article for the project In 100 years – starting now, June 2011

Sisters Hope – En kunstpædagogisk strategi forankret i en samtidskunstnerisk tendens in Peripiti June 2011

Kunst og bevidsthed pre-analysis article to In100Y May 2011

Sisters Hope in AFART January 2011

Fiction Pimping – Det poetiske liv i mellemrummet in Teater 1 October 2010

The Crack in AFART  October 2010

At fænge elever med fiktion in Gymnasieskolen June 2010

Fiction Pimping in ISSUES April 2010

Arts-in-Business-økonomi her og der in The Danish Embassy of Singapore’s newsletter: News from Asia May 2009

Virtuel Experience Spaces – Can you use them? in Fremtidsorientering June 2007

Burning Man – Hvor kunst og erhvervsliv mødes in Det Postomdelte December 2006