Sensuous operate in the intersection of performance art, research, activism and curation.

In Sensuous we share our visions on what we term a Sensuous society. A vision, or rather a sense, that has been haunting us in our sleep for times and times... Sensuous society

Performance art

Collaboration with Cantabile2

We are exploring the possibilities of potential future co-productions with Cantabile2. A week of collaborative exploration and inspiration at the old sugar factory of Cantabile2 at Møn has just ended.

Inkonst – Sisters Academy

Preparing to manifest a Sisters Academy at  Inkonst – “Inkonst is an international art center in Malmö featuring music, theatre, dance, performances, film, literature and art all under the same roof. Our aim is to present the world of contemporary art and create a platform for the new upcoming, along with the already established generation of artists, directors, musicians, film makers and culture promoters, nationally and internationally. Focusing on interdisciplinary…

Cantabile2 Co-Production Seminar

Beauty and sharing at the Lungholm Castle co-production seminar on initiative of Cantabile2. Meeting new international artists groups and festivals aiming at future collaborations and co-productions whilst diving in to the otherworldly atmosphere of the space. New exciting projects are in spe… Photos by Melanie Jame Wolf of Triage Live Art Collective